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The ALLUX 2 & Symphony Knees

Redefining Stability for K2 - K4 Users

About Nabtesco

Key Highlights

Symphony Knee

The Symphony Knee is made up of a 6 bar linkage, combining the inherent stability of a polycentric unit – with the additional weight bearing stability of a Geometric Lock.

Since it is a k3 knee – it has a hydraulic unit – providing adjustable resistance in stance and swing.


The ALLUX2 knee is often referred to as a “natural knee” due to its movement which closely mimics that of a human knee joint. The 4-Bar linkage design allows for a smooth transition to swing phase and with its toe clearance, helps reduce the risk of falls. It is intended for K2 & above patients.

CEU Courses

NuTech Synergies has created several approved courses for Nabtesco. These are offered either in facility or virtually & are designed to teach participants the required skills and knowledge to identify ideal candidates for fit, and program both the patient & practitioner apps for the Allux2 Knee.

Symphony Knee

Polycentric 6 Bar Hinge

Some of the benefits of using a polycentric joint are as follows:
  • Instantaneous center of rotation – giving the knee added inherent stability when compared to a single axis knee – this theoretic center of rotation has the ability to move more proximal – Changing the lever arm and aligning itself it a more stable position in relation to the weight line
  • The multiple axes allow the shank to retract on itself in flexion – for added clearance in swing and greater comfort and symmetry in sitting.
  • Because of the ability to fold on itself the knee has a range of 170 degrees.
ALLUX 2 Knee

Polycentric Joint + Microprocessor Control

Nabtesco’s goal in creating the Allux was to ultimately be able to provide the World’s safest knee.

This was accomplished via their dual safety concept, of combining the inherent stability of a polycentric 4 bar linkage with the adaptive control and safety that lies within a Microprocessor system. This allows for hydraulic resistance in both stance and swing.

In combining these two concepts, Nabtesco ended up creating not only a knee that is extremely safe but also very versatile and dynamic.

Given all this, the knee weighs in at just over 3 lbs making it one of the lighter MPK options, with a build height of 11.6″.

Remote Access

Selecting 5 different modes with a smartphone

With a Bluetooth connected smartphone, the user can easily and conveniently select between up to five different pre-programmed modes to fit their current activity or environment for the highest level of versatility. From free swing, varying locking positions, or additional walking modes, users can easily change the function of the ALLUX2 with the push of a button in the app.

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