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The world's first at home clinical led sensory neuromodulation device.

Improves the mental perception of the body, leading to cortical reorganization and an associated reduction in pain.

About SensTrain

Easy, Accessible at Home Therapy Solution

Drug free relief for Phantom Limb Pain.

SensTrain will be the world’s first medical device to harness and automate Sensory Discrimination Training, making this clinically proven therapy accessible and viable. The need for daily in-person sessions is removed, and you are empowered to take control of your therapy when it suits YOU.

Why it matters

What is Sensory Discrimination Training?

Sensory Discrimination Training involves stimulating various points on the body, the patient recognizing the type and location of that stimulation and receiving feedback on their accuracy. This process helps improve the mental perception of the body, leading to neuroplastic change and an associated reduction in pain. Relatively short training periods can markedly improve sensory performance, and just 10 days of therapy applied to the residual limb can significantly reduce pain.


Retrain your brain with SensTrain

Phantom Limb Pain exists primarily because of a disconnect between the image the brain holds of the body from before amputation and the actual physical body following amputation. Daily Sensory Discrimination Training promotes neuroplasticity. Over 3-4 weeks, it is possible to retrain your brain so the phantom limb is eliminated from the image the brain holds of the body.

More Information

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