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A Non-Traditional, Collaborative Approach for Introducing and Nurturing Inventive O&P or Rehab Technologies by Connecting Patients, Patient Care Providers, and Technology Development Companies.


What we Offer

What NuTech Synergies
Offers its Technology Partners

The NuTech Team has experience from all areas of the O&P profession –
clinical, research, sales, marketing, reimbursement, manufacturing, and more.

Our unique team has well over 200 years of experience in the O&P industry. We know what it takes to create a successful product in this market because we’ve helped do that many times over the past 30 years.

Research & Development

Create a research process to conduct patient field testing in a systematic way that can lead to collaboration with university research programs, VA's, & DOD.

Clinical Training Where It’s Needed

Support and training for clinicians is critical when introducing a new technology into any daily patient care protocol. NuTech offers clinical support, clinical product demos, and education.

Exhibition Collaboration

Increase branding impact of national and state tradeshow exhibitions by using critical mass to collectively book more prominent, larger exhibition presence and prime presentation slots.

Commercialization Model

Introduce a disruptive commercialization model for early-stage products that differs from a traditional distribution approach.

Tech Partner Collaboration

Develop a collaborative environment where product technology partners collaborate with each other & independent patient care practices to introduce new products that benefit patients.

Accelerate Growth

Offer a wide variety of business accelerator services to assist product partners with new technologies to grow more quickly.

Why Us

Why You Should Choose NuTech Synergies

The team at NuTech Synergies collaborates with our Technology Partners to help them connect with O&P patients, clinicians, and practice owners through a customized Service Plan.
We also provide research opportunities to our technology partners!

Sharing Support Infrastructure Costs among Partners Reduces the Financial Burden Needed to get a New Product through Successful Introduction.


Who can be a NuTech Technology Partner?

Early Stage Company

An Early-Stage Company who has a prototype or early iteration product designed to help O&P or Rehab patients

O&P or Rehab Product

An Experienced, More Established Company who has an O&P or Rehab product that has never gotten the clinical attention that it deserves


A Research Team who has a new idea for an innovative idea to help Prosthetic, Orthotic, or Rehab Patients

Why Us

What You Should Expect as a NuTech Technology Partner.

Customized, Outsourced, Shared-Cost, Support Services including:

  • Weekly In-Facility Sales
  • Weekly In-Facility Clinical Training & Support
  • Tradeshow & Online Marketing
  • Development of Educational Courses, with CEUs
  • Product Development Testing, Clinical Testing, & Clinical Research
  • US Healthcare Reimbursement Expertise
  • US-based Loaner Management & Product Repair Center
  • US Clinical Research Grant Writing & Grant Management


NuTech Synergies will ONLY work with Non-Competing Product Lines

  • 200+ Years of Relationship Building in the Orthotics & Prosthetics,
  • Physical Therapy & Rehab markets
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We Help You Compete in Today’s US O&P Marketplace.

There are NO other “Manufacturer Reps” or Accelerator Services currently working in the O&P or PT markets

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