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Who is NuTech Synergies?

experience from all areas

The NuTech Team has experience from all areas of the O&P profession – clinical, research, sales, marketing, clinical patient care, reimbursement, manufacturing, and more.

Our unique team has well over 200 years of experience in the O&P industry. We know what it takes to create a successful product in this market because we’ve helped do that many times over the past 30 years.

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Our “WHY?”

“With the explosion of new technologies, we saw a need to help them get to the US O&P market by giving them the same opportunities as everyone else. Whether it’s expanded exposure at an O&P meeting or bringing new technologies directly into an O&P clinic, our goal is to help young companies to compete in today’s US O&P marketplace.

We are very excited to work with all of our technology partners and to help support their unique technology.”

– Mark Ford, CEO & President of NuTech Synergies.

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