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Goralign PSA-2 Ankle

Improving Patient Comfort and Mobility, One Ankle at a Time

About Impulse Technology

Key Highlights

Impulse Technology Mission

The Impulse Technology mission is to improve patients lives through the use of developing and commercializing mechanical systems that have an impact on the quality of life and mobility of amputees.

Self Alignment

Goralign PSA’s largest benefit is in outdoor and curvilinear track conditions with many twists and turns. Goralign PSA is self-aligning, which means it inherently minimizes any prosthetic misalignment that happens over time and causes discomfort and pain, thereby reducing the clinic visit frequency.

About the Goralign Self Adaptive Prosthetic Ankle

The Goralign PSA-2 ankle is for prosthetic users & can provide non-linear stiffness, optimize alignment, provide shock absorption during early stance, and improve performance during turning/twisting.

how it’s achieved

Improving Patient Comfort

  • Mimics the biomechanics of natural walking in passive prostheses

  • Adapts to gait and terrain changes in real-time without prosthetists’ intervention, reducing clinical care time and costs

  • Provides: non-linear stiffness, optimized alignment, shock absorption during early stance, and improved performance during turning/twisting
Why it matters

6 degrees of freedom

The Goralign PSA-2 ankle has 6 degrees of freedom within those self adapting structures which are non linear in order to adapt to variable terrain and provide better support and alignment for patients.

This means that it deflects in all planes of motion (sagittal, coronal, frontal) giving it the capability to adapt to gait and terrain.

GPSA self-alignment eliminates the time consuming nature of dynamic alignment, extends the range of dynamic alignment, and expands the optimal comfort level.

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