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Resilience Socket


About Amparo

Key Highlights

Resilience Socket

The Resilience socket designed to be your ideal definitive socket. It has all of the remoldable characteristics of the Confidence socket, but is 20% lighter thanks to its low profile adapter and distal Kevlar interlay. It also has a low profile adapter which allows for use with seal in liners and elevated vacuum.

Amparo Tool Kit

Everything you need to fabricate and finish a socket is provided in the Amparo tool kit. It’s supplied in a wheeled bag allowing for a practitioner to be fully mobile when necessary. All you need for fabrication is an outlet for use with the Heat gun and Compressor provided in the kit. All you need to do is bring the proper alignment components to get the patient set up and standing.

CEU Courses

NuTech Synergies has created several approved courses for Amparo. These are offered either in facility or virtually & are designed to teach participants the required skills and knowledge to teach specific technique for fabricating the Amparo Confidence Socket directly to a patient’s residual limb.


The History of Amparo

Amparo started out in 2014 with the goal of improving the efficiency of the socket production process. This was achieved through what they call the confidence socket, a completely portable, thermoplastic socket fabricating system designed to be made on the patient in less than 2 hours.

Based on feedback, the Confidence Socket was followed by the new Resilience Socket.

The Resilience socket itself is a proprietary thermoplastic that can be remolded up to 5 times. Meaning, if the patient changes shape and loses a lot of volume, that same socket can be heated back up and remolded to the new shape – rather than utilizing socks or pads to try and fill up space.

Why it matters​

Amparo = Mobile

Not only is the system mobile, but it’s extremely efficient. It is designed to get the patient up and walking in about 1-2 hours. This is a big difference maker for new amputees, who have just been cleared for weight bearing.

The Amparo system works really well in any mobile scenario as well as at satellite clinics that may not have full labs or technicians.

Not only can you see patients in their homes when necessary but you can reduce back and forth between hospitals and rehab centers by eliminating the need for multiple appointments.

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