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About Trazer

Key Highlights

Prosthetic Alignment

TRAZER comprehensively measures balance and movement to understand functional performance and help make the Assessment and Fitting processes – especially in prosthetic alignment – highly efficient and validated by third-party data.


TRAZER provides Prosthetists and Physical Therapists with the quantitative data to facilitate effective device alignment with the patient’s physical capabilities and goals, fostering a shared understanding and data-drive language.

Measure What Matters

TRAZER tracks and measures mobility, strengthens deficits in physical and cognitive performance, collects and reports quantifiable data, and provides analysis and simple visualization of historical trends.

Why it matters


TRAZER tracks and measures key metrics related to our 4 Pillars. The HIPAA-compliant TRAZER Portal provides comprehensive reporting and analytics and data sharing capability between sites, EHR, and other third-party analytics software.

  • Balance – Evaluate stability and adherence to prescribed postures. SWAY. ERRORS.
  • Dynamic Movement – Identify and monitor asymmetry in multi-directional movement. REACTION TIME. DYNAMIC REACTION™. SPEED. ACCELERATION. DECELERATION.
  • Kinematics – >Analyze joint range of motion in upper and lower extremities. KNEE. ANKLE. PELVIS. TRUNK. SPINE. NECK. SHOULDERS. ELBOW.
  • Neuromechanics – Improve physical and cognitive accuracy through whole-body decision-making challenges.REACTION TIME. DYNAMIC REACTION TIME™. SPEED. ACCELERATION. DECELERATION. ACCURACY. RESPONSE TIME.
Greater ROI

Organizational Benefits

TRAZER engages the Brain + Body leading to better patient outcomes in both cognitive and physical performance, allowing for billing under higher paying codes. Better patient outcomes can translate to increased referrals and the ability to shine as a preferred provider.

The HIPAA-compliant TRAZER Portal serves as the central command center, securely encrypting and storing data. From the Portal, Administrators can create/manage Users and set permissions for Staff and customize the view of Activities by location(s).

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