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Redefining Stability for K2 - K4 Users

Why it matters


what codes should I use for the allux2 knee?

As of January 1, 2024 a new LCode should be used when seeking reimbursement for the ALLUX™ 2 knee. We recommend using the following codes when billing for the ALLUX2 knee:

  • L-5615, L-5856, L5845, L-5848
What’s new?

The ALLUX™ 2 knee was the only MPK that could use the K1014 code for their 4-bar linkage & as of January 1, 2024, this K code has officially changed to L5615.

Why it matters


what codes should I use for the Symphony knee?
We recommend using the following codes when billing for the Symphony knee:
  • L-5814, L-5845, L-5848, L-5850, L-5925

CEU Courses

NuTech Synergies offers several options when it comes to Nabtesco CEU courses.
Our 1 credit online course:

This video is designed to teach participants the required skills and knowledge to identify ideal candidates for the Allux2 Knee, fit an Allux2 Knee, and program both patient and practitioner app. The training program is presented in 4 sequential modules which build upon the previously learned material. Each section covers important steps for proper patient care involving Allux2. The 4 modules are features and indications for identifying patient candidates, programing practitioner App, programing patient App and tips, tricks, and troubleshooting.

Our 2 credit course:

This is a didactic presentation utilizing visual enhancement of power point slides to provide quicker easier understanding of Nabtesco’s prosthetic knees. This program will take attendees through five items of consideration to help achieve the best patient outcome. These procedures are described through pictures and videos accompanied by the presenter’s description. Attendees to this program will gain a foundation of information as to the skills and techniques required to identify potential Nabtesco prosthetic knee candidates. This is intended as an introduction presentation to provide attendees with awareness of new prosthetic knee technology.

Our 4 credit in person course:

This in person one-on-one clinical training experience follows the procedures of the Nabtesco train manual, designed to teach specific techniques for identifying the most suitable candidates for Nebtesco prosthetic knees. The training program is conducted with the aid of patient models wearing Nabtesco knees. Through patient feedback and practitioner analysis, learn optimal programing of the Microprocessor Knee utilizing cell phone app.


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