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Jeffrey A. Denune is the lead prosthetist at the NuTech Institute in Indianapolis. He began working in the field of prosthetics in 1986. He is an ABC Certified and Licensed Prosthetist. For 14 years he served as the Clinical Director for an International manufacturer of prosthetic devices. As Clinical Director he was part of a team that was responsible for the design and development of cutting-edge prosthetic technology. His focus on outcomes-based research has brought him to the forefront of the field as he brings passion to making a difference in patient care at the NuTech Institute.


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Denune has been a driving force in several University research programs to advance prosthetic technology. A leader in bringing world renown researchers together for advancements in amputee limb health and patient care. Completing numerous, Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs research grants. I’ve had opportunities to present around the world in the field of orthopedics. I am very passionate about the areas of finding solutions for limb health and function in patients with impaired mobility. Finding new solutions for advancing socket technology, shape capture of residual limb, and gel interface advancements. For years I’ve worked closely with Dr. Chandan Sen and Dr. Sashwati Roy in the area of prosthetic research.

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