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what does the output from the motion functional report look like?

Once the data from a patient acquisition is recorded, the system generates a Motio Functional Report, utilizing specific proprietary algorithms to provide scores related to ambulation energy, cadence variability, and the user’s peak performance. These scores represent numeric values that, when combined with the clinician recommended K-level provided when finishing the functional evaluation, generate an average that corresponds to the Motio Functional Level.

Why it matters


Motio Functional Report - Starter Kit
The Motio StepWatch is a device intended to help support and guide healthcare professionals on the decision of determining the lower limb patient/user activity level. It offers a wearable device that allows recording the patient’s activity and reports it to the healthcare professional as well as an app that runs digital, guided outcome measures used to evaluate the K-Level. The app will centralize and generate a report for all the aforementioned outcome measures. What you receive in your starter kit:
  • 6 Reports
  • 1 Motio StepWatch™ device*
  • Access to the Motio App
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Specialized Training
  • Online support
  • Free shipping of the device
Each report unit within your plan remains valid for one year. *Free device renting for one year. Free renting renews for 12 months with the purchase of 6 additional reports.  


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